Simple location sharing that isn't creepy.

Find the people you're meeting with a unique, sharable map. Friends don't need the app to receive or share and the session ends when you leave the map.

How it works

Just open, share, find your friends and exit.

Privacy without friend lists

Each map is unqiue so only those you share with see your location. No more worrying if you're accidentally sharing with all your phone or Gmail contacts.

Download not necessary

Your friends or family don't need to download the app to receive or share realtime location. Yougy works in your internet browser, too.

So, so simple

Open Yougy, tap the share icon, then send with a text (or email, or twitter or whatever).

More features

Don't have that feature you want? We have more features planned, but don't worry, simplicity will always be our focus. Get an emailed when the next big release rolls out.